Summer Reading

Confession: If you’d told me six months ago that I’d be spending my summer (voluntarily!) reading journal articles, dissertations and a stack of about 10 education-related books, I’d never have believed you. Somewhere along the line (about 10 years ago) I decided not only that do I not enjoy reading, but that I actually can’t read (which gave me a lovely excuse to not even try).

However, I’ve discovered that while reading may not come especially easily (and I still feel intimidated when people start talking about how much they read and their impressive book lists), I can read (even if I get distracted) and I do enjoy it – if the topic is something I care about. (Is this how a lot of people feel about math?)

Here’s what I’m reading this summer.

I’ve linked each book to its product page so you can find out more or purchase them. I might post some thoughts or reflections about specific books as I finish them.

I imagine these books are familiar to most who may come across this blog – feel free to share your thoughts (if you’ve read them) or recommend others.